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Monet House | A Journey into the Artist's World

Enter the colourful world of Claude Monet during your visit to Paris as you explore Giverny Monet House. Situated on the outskirts of the French capital city, Giverny is a small village where famous Impressionist Claude Monet lived. The Monet House and Garden were the family home of Monet, where he lived with his wife and eight children for four decades. What makes the house special is that Monet himself designed the structure and the interiors of the structure.

Every corner reflects his artistic tastes and preferences, including the vibrant blue and yellow tones of each room. You can see his first studio here, as well as a vast collection of Japanese woodblocks and prints collected by Monet. Each room was designed to blend in with the surrounding garden, which was also cultivated by Monet. So, delve deep into the world that inspired Monet’s most iconic natural paintings as you tour Monet’s House in Giverny.

Monet House Hghlights


The family pantry is among the first highlights you will notice once you enter the Monet House Giverny. It lies right after the blue sitting room from where the house tour begins and shows the Monet family’s lifestyle from close quarters. The Monets were a family of ten who were well-fed, as is evident from the interiors of the small pantry.

The furniture inside the space reflects the influence of Japonisme in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The pantry was not heated which allowed storage of different food items, including tea and eggs. As food was expensive, you can see keys even on the drawers of the pantry.

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The Kitchen

An unmissable highlight of Giverny France Monet’s House is the kitchen, which lies right next to the dining room. The kitchen was the centre of the household and is painted in a vibrant blue shade. Monet conceptualised the blue tones of this space as a harmonious balance with the yellow colours of the dining room.

The walls of the kitchen are lined with tiles of Rouen and adorned with old copper vessels and utensils. Even the furniture is coloured blue to make the theme uniform. You can also see a giant wood and coal stove which kept the kitchen warm and was used for cooking here.

First Studio of Claude Monet

Giverny France Monet House is best known for housing the first studio of Monet, which was later converted into a room for visitors. The studio can be accessed from the pantry through wooden stairs as it lies outside the main structure of the house. The furniture and other objects kept in the studio are exactly the same as Monet’s time, which adds to the authenticity.

The paintings on the walls are stunning reproductions of the original works that mimic what Monet’s studio looked like when he was alive. The room also has a life-like bust of Claude Monet which was crafted by Paul Paulin during the artist’s lifetime.

Rooms At Giverny House

The Blue Sitting Room

The first room you see when you enter Monet House Giverny France is the blue sitting room. The room was used to welcome guests and as a sitting room for Monet’s wife Alice and their kids. Monet designed the entire household and planned this room to be painted blue to keep up with the warm themes around the house.

The walls and the furniture are all coloured in different shades of blue to match the Japanese woodblocks collected by Monet. You can see around 230 woodblocks displayed on the walls of the sitting room as tour through the artist’s house.

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Claude Monet’s bedroom

The first floor of the Claude Monet House in Giverny houses the artist’s bedroom where he took his last breath in 1926. A staircase from the pantry leads to Claude Monet’s bedroom on the upper floor that has been maintained in its original form. The room has a simple bed and an intricately designed work desk that dates to the eighteenth century.

What makes the room special is that it has three large windows from where you can admire the vast garden outside. The walls of the bedroom also have Impressionist paintings by Cezanne, Sisley, Renoir, Boudin, Morisot, Pissarro, Signac, and Manet, among others.

Alice’s Bedroom

Alice’s bedroom in the Monet Givern House was a separate room like in most middle upper-class households of the nineteenth century. The bedroom was designed in a simple manner in calm green tones, keeping in mind the overall colour scheme of the house. Alice’s room was right next to Monet’s bedroom on the upper floor, with both rooms connected via the bathroom.

A beautiful feature of the room is the Japanese woodblocks depicting female characters that line the walls. The room is also among the few to have a window on the street side that offers remarkable views of the surroundings.

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What is Claude Monet’s house in Giverny?

Claude Monet House in Giverny was the home of the famous Impressionist artist, Claude Monet. The house, surrounded by stunning gardens, was designed by Monet himself for his family who lived here for four decades.

Can I visit Claude Monet’s house as a tourist?

Yes, you are welcome to visit Claude Monet’s House as a tourist on all days of the week. In fact, the house is among the most famous places to visit around Paris for art lovers and nature enthusiasts.

What is the significance of Monet’s house in Giverny?

Monet’s House in Giverny is significant as it was the home of the genius artist for over four decades until his death. You can see the environs that inspired his artworks, his first studio, and his precious Japanese collections inside the structure.

Are there guided tours available for Monet’s house?

No, guided tours are not available for Monet’s House due to lack of space inside the attraction. Guided tours are available for Monet’s Garden outside the house and can be booked online. The tours are available in English and Spanish on a daily basis.

What are the opening hours of Claude Monet’s house?

Claude Monet House in Giverny is open from April 1 to October 31 between 9:30 AM and 6 PM. The last admission is at 5:30 PM. The attraction remains closed from November 1 to March 31.

Are there specific areas of Monet’s house that are off-limits to visitors?

No, all areas of Monet’s House are accessible to visitors. However, you are not allowed to touch any object or exhibit as the house is a museum of original artefacts.

Can I purchase Giverny Monet tickets online in advance?

Yes, you can easily buy Giverny Monet tickets online in advance. This helps you avoid the queues at the walk-in counters, especially on crowded days like the weekends.

Are there any nearby attractions worth visiting after touring Monet’s house?

Yes, popular Giverny attractions to be explored after Monet’s House are the Musee de Impressionnismes, Chateau de Bizy, and the town of Vernon.


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